Joyce answered the phone immediately and got me booked only two days out. Walking in was ok because I asked temperature to be taken on my hand but intake person (Joyce) didn’t understand and did my forehead. For the treatment, Erica was great, friendly and knowledgeable. 10/10 recommend.
Jeff J
I had skin problem for long time,and cant really find good beauty clinic to help me after I moved from Boston. I had found this nice place and they had provide new clients promotion on some skin care. I did the Lamed: Skin rejuvenation . Suki,he is really patient explaining me everything and take care of me. Thank you.
S Lynn
Services is really good. And they provide enough privacy during service if people care about that. Would definitely come back again!
olivia liu
I try the Ultherapy and it help my Skin tightening and lifting. It is reasonable price and good services.
Liangjun Wu
The people there are all very nice and I already got some effect on my body!
Haotian Chen
I had comedo problem as I came from LA. And I try so many products to clean from home, but I cant get over this. So I did the treatment for cleaning up the blackhead problems. As a man, I mean I dont really know much about this how to do at home. And so I do it here and it did good. And I want to show before and after to you guys.good facial treatment.
rnana Deng
I had some Botox treatments with Joei and was AMAZED at the results! He injected just the right amount to eliminate my aging wrinkles, but to where my face still looked natural!! He's an expert...I highly recommend !! And thank you Hannan , you did nice for me in consultant.